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Interesting Facts about Buddhism

Published on December 27, 2012, by in Modern Life.

One of the ancient and fast-growing religions in Asia is Buddhism. It is native in the lands of India and has persuaded other religions including Christianity and Hinduism. Buddhism is based on the principles, works and life of Siddharta Gautama, the person referred as “Buddha”, meaning the “awakened one”. It has two major specializations which is “Mahayana” or The Great Vehicle and “Theravada” or The School of Elders. Mahayana is popularized in the Eastern part of Asia composing of countries like Japan and Singapore while Theravada is extensive in the Southeastern corner of Asia. They believe in three kinds of jewels which include “Buddha”, “Sangha” and “Dharma”.

While looking and searching for some prominent information about this specific creed of faith, I read some interesting facts and things about Buddhism. One thing I have learned is that in the early days, members of this religion were not allowed to cook and to make their own foods. They could only eat by begging and asking for donations to the people. This is to spread social consciousness and awareness to more people. To vend for their religion is like to sell gold. It is a very precious task for most of them since this gives them the opportunity to broaden their scope regarding the faith and teachings of Buddhism.

I also have discovered that devotees can go to their temples without a specific time or schedule. They can proceed to these prayer rooms in whatever time or setting they want. Female members can be called as Nuns and these women are not allowed to pass judgment on the monks. However, the monks can condemn these nuns.

Actually, there are more facts about Buddhism if you just try to read and research in different resources. Knowing their practice and beliefs can give you better understanding about them.

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