What are Singing Bowls?

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In 1951 China invaded Tibet. Then the Chinese began to destroy most of the monasteries and temples. Many monks fled the country. Living outside their country and in poverty created pressure to sell their belongings. In this way singing bowls became slowly known to the public.

Before the Chinese invasion no one had ever heard about these particular sound making bowls, although a singing bowl had been found in an excavation in Tibet, proving they existed some 4000 years ago.

From the spare knowledge we have, we know that the Tibetan lamas used the bowls secretly and for themselves alone, although it seems reasonable that other monks were using them too. The practice of the singing bowls actually came from shamans before Buddhism even was present in Tibet.

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Singing bowls profoundly affect and harmonize body and soul. Their sounds allow a deep state of relaxation, and as a result one becomes more aware of one’s inner being and center. Placing and playing singing bowls on the body promotes a deep sound massage of every cell and organ, resulting in a remarkable feeling of well-being.

What do singing bowls consists of? Traditionally they were made of seven metals corresponding to the seven visible planets. Of course it is impossible to find out what you have for sure without destroying your bowl. The singing bowls now made in Northern India and Nepal are typically made with three or five metals, a few of them have been made with all seven metals. No two singing bowls are the same, as they are each hand made. Quality thus varies, and one has to be careful when buying a bowl.

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Journalist Qualifications

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You see the daily news every day, but have you ever wondered what people undergo just to get the news you see, hear and watch? Everything starts with the efforts of the journalists which are passed on to news casters or newspapers. And being a journalist is not as easy as most people see it. It is not a simple process of asking people questions and walking around the city. It involves dedication, effort and much more. It will also require a degree in some point. Great journalists have it in their blood to deliver what’s happening.

To start off, nothing comes in free. You surely are going to need some degree before becoming a journalist. Completing your degree with the help of installment loans is hard enough. Here are just other qualifications to be an efficient and effective journalist that firms are looking for:

  • Education – basically you are going to learn and study about journalism. Get a course related in journalism, photojournalism, English writing or such and five GCSE’s with a grade of at least C.
  • Accurate – must have that extra edge in detail. In journalism, you are going to want to deliver the real things happening in the society and not the things you think it is.
  • Determined – this is something very hard to look for in most applicants, a story does not come in front of you, you need to look for it and dig it from the ground. Determination is the key recipe to get a good story, doing your best to get all the details and information about a certain event.
  • Fluent – must be good in the language that he or she will be writing or reporting in, both in writing and speaking.

Tips on Journalism Research

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Journalism research is very important for features. Deadlines and time limits are very important and the time to gather essential information is lesser than normal research. Research in journalism is mostly just made up of background information or information from people you have interviewed for analysis or expert comment. A single source is usually used within the article although several sources can be used by writers.

The Internet is a fast and easy source for journalism and a standard resource for any kind of research in general. There are countless sites online that can give you information on any topic but you are interested in the authority sites, not the junk ones. If you are working on yeast infection research for instance, .com and .org sites like would serve as good sources. Sites like are especially friendly to the users and provide relevant answers when they can. The major newspapers contain searchable archives like

The Internet is an awesome resource but it is essential to be cautious in your search and use authoritative sites to get the right information. Double check on the facts and make sure the information is accurate. For instance, online encyclopedias like isn’t safe since they are written by volunteers who may or may not be experts (anyone can contribute if they want to) and so information on such sites must be double-checked with more relevant sources.

It’s not unusual for individuals in the field of journalism to give more time to research than to writing the article. The reason for this is because the writing part becomes easy once you have all the necessary information for a certain topic. You can construct a piece as though it were a story and target your main audience. This will make your article more focused, interesting, and content wise.


France to Rely on Renewable Energy

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To kick start the renewable’s industry, the France ecology ministry has made a move in the construction of €3.5 billion worth of offshore wind farms to generate 1,000 megawatts of electricity. According to the French Ecology Minister Delphine Batho, this project will generate 10,000 industrial jobs. These farms will be constructed near Treport, in northern France, and near the Noirmoutier and Оle d’Yeu islands on the Atlantic coast.

The French government has awarded last year the contracts for the offshore wind project of four wind farms and an estimated €7 billion worth of investment. After the president promised to reduce France’s dependence on nuclear energy, the country is facing a national debate on energy. By 2020, France plans to get 23% of its energy consumption from renewable energy that would include 19 GQ from onshore wind turbines and 6 GW from offshore installations.

Meanwhile, the support for wind power coming from the French population is growing as well as those who availed Wells Fargo Student Loans. According to a conducted survey by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) in 2010, 53% believed that the wind sector among the renewable energies should be prioritized. Additionally, 74% of those who participated in the survey is in favor of the installation of wind turbines.


What Is Monaco Grand Prix?

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The Circuit de Monaco runs through the streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine, around Monaco harbour. The first Monaco Grand Prix was organised by Anthony Noghs in 1929, and is considered to be one of the most prestigious automobile races on earth.

The first Grand Prix of Monaco was won by William Grover Williams, then followed by others great names like Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Fangio, Graham Hill.

It’s the slowest and the toughest of the World Formula 1 Championship.

The Grand Prix of Monaco is a great mythical race that all the pilots dream to win on the circuit of the Principality.

Coming to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco is one second unforgettable that you have to prepare and expect.

Today the Grand Prix of Monaco is worldwide known even by the least excited of motor sport and after change on the initial trail (turn Sainte – Give, the turn of the restaurant La Rascasse), the circuit measures currently 3, 367 km. Because of its length the Grand Prix is limited to 78 turns.

It really is in 1929, on April 14th at 13:30, under the honorary Presidency of S.A.S. the Prince Louis II the Grand Prix of Monaco was born thanks in particular to President Anthony Noghes who revealed a powerful will to be able to be able to organize in the smallest European state (after the Vatican) an occasion of this scale. His idea strongly supported by the Prince Louis II may be concretized thanks to its motivation and support of the famous pilot Monegasque, Louis Chiron.

To win in Monaco is tough because just a small error in the streets of the principality is fatal.

The circuit’s elevations shifts, tight corners and a narrow course make it one-of the trickiest in Formula One. It includes both the slowest corner in the activity – the Grand Hotel hairpin, taken at just 50kph (31mph) and one of the quickest (the flat out kink in the tunnel, three turns beyond the hairpin, taken at 260kph (160mph).

While overtaking is notoriously challenging, the circuit’s twists and turns favour the skill of the driver over the strength of the automobiles.

In 2012 Mark Webber made it three victories in a row for Red Bull Racing.

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Who Leads Buddhism

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Before going to the leadership of Buddhism, it is quite better if we define the religion first. Generally, Buddhism emanated from Indian territories. It is created through a variety of traditions, practices and beliefs founded and grounded on the teachings and lectures of Gautama or Buddha. The root word of the religion is extracted from the name of the founder itself.

Awakened ones are the identification and understanding of those people who follow the steps of Buddha. According to some Phen375 stories and reviews, Siddharta was once well-off and a respected trusted personnel of the King’s palace. He was provided with everything. He gets whatever he wants because of his position. Until such time that he came to realize that life is becoming boring, there were no challenges. He found no meaning in life.

He decided to cloak as a beggar, he realized how well provided he was compared to the poor life he has as a beggar. Nevertheless, with beggar’s life, he realized he needed God. So he lived humbly and followed the calling of God. He began to teach about Buddhist principles saying that God can answer everything.

With this story, Buddhism leadership is a humbling task. The self must not be looked as something high but something that will be able to follow God.


Where to Get a Religion Course

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Religion has shaped the world’s history, thus making it one of the major forces in a human experience.  So for those who want to take religious studies about their intellectual traditions, different patterns of religion and disciplines, you can grab online religion courses, together with personal trainer courses and other university course offerings. Studying religion is a great opportunity to know the key contemporary issues faced by religions sectors today, the major religions of the world and their history and in a good way.

Online Religion Courses. Learn religious studies through registering in an academic setting online. Its ethical and moral dimensions are truly fascinating and can expose you to new interesting ideas.

University Courses. These include lectures from highly specialized people in the area of religion, philosophy and theology. They can help make your study easy and enjoyable and can be a great way to help you with your critical thinking, writing, and reading skills and spiritual formation which are all essential in these programs.

Optional Course. Different universities offer enrollment for undergraduate courses in their department of religion studies. Plus you can explore your spiritual side and get to learn and experience more religious faiths.

Here are some universities that offer religion courses:

  • Dartmouth College
  • Harvard Extension School
  • Duke University
  • Boston University Arts & Sciences
  • Northwestern University in Illinois by their Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
  • University of Hawaii at Mañoa, United States.
personal trainer courses

University of Hawaii at Mañoa


The Three Key Elements of Buddhism

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Buddhism is probably one of the biggest religions in the world. Everywhere you go, you will find people who believe in the teachings of Buddha. Many have said their lives were changed when they joined this religion. Because of this, many are wondering what it is with Buddhism that changes the life of people.

Buddhism is a religion with three very important key elements. These key elements are the reasons why Buddhism is what it is today. People are always impressed with these elements that they go to India by booking their tickets at Merpati. You too need to go there and see the beginnings of this religion to understand it more. But first take a look at these three elements.

Lead a Moral Life

In Buddhism, you need to live life according to the laws. It is a big sin to do things wrong. Whatever is the reason behind what you are doing, when it is wrong, it will always be wrong. End of story. A good person is someone who follows this and the rewards are going to be great.

Be Mindful of Thoughts and Actions

As much as possible, be aware of what you are doing. Think before you speak and act. You might just end up hurting people or even yourself. Try to imagine yourself in their position. Would you like to receive painful words from them? Think and think. Or, it would be best to stay silent if you have nothing good to say.

To Develop Wisdom and Understanding

As a follower of Buddha, you need to uphold this key element. You need to improve yourself by learning more. Always remember that intelligence is not about the IQ, it is about knowing what is right from wrong.

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The Vipassana Beginner Meditation Technique

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One of the ancient Buddhist meditation techniques discovered by Gautama Buddha is Vipassana. It is seeing through or insight meditation and focuses to know self and confront reality.

Vipassana meditation should not be mistaken as a religion but rather a tool used by everybody. This is to attain awakening and stay free from suffering.

The Vipassana does not practice Psychic reading. It is purely of self-meditation. On the other hand, a psychic reader does intervention for other people. To know more about psychic reading you can visit this site


Vipassana. Picture by Markus Meier

Vipassana has two stages: beginners and advanced. But we will focus on the beginner’s stage.

The beginner Vipassana meditates by sitting cross-legged on a chair or doing other comfortable position. You have to assume the right posture, with your spine kept straight, to allow the energy flow. Observe if there are any sensations after 5 seconds, and then take three breaths from the top of your head. Your mind serves as neutral scanner that simply records all the sensations in the given area and has no internal verbal comments. Proceed to scan the face for 5 seconds or 3 breaths. Then scan to the neck area. Continue to scan also to the right shoulder, forearm and hand and back in reverse order. Proceed to scan the front torso and the back torso. Then to the pelvic area, to the right thigh, to the leg and foot back in reverse. Now scan the left thigh, leg and foot and back in reverse. Continue to scan upwards by scanning the pelvic area front and back. Then scan the front and back torso. Continue to scan from the right hand, forearm and shoulder, to the left hand, forearm and shoulder, to the neck area, to the face area and the back of the head and finish scanning at the top of the head.


Buddhism Issues on Meditation and Chanting

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Bill Clinton the former US president believes to be converted into a Buddhist. He is raised as a Southern Baptist and if this news is confirmed, this is a big issue because a strong Baptist who believes in the teaching of Jesus Christ is now a follower of Buddha teaching.

The issue of his conversion may correlate of his conviction why he turned his spiritual focus to the religion of Buddhism. According to the report, for the sake of his health and hectic life, he then shifts to Buddhism.

A reliable source told in an exclusive report that, “Ever since his heart scare, Bill has looked for ways to help him relax. He has hectic life; he travels a lot on business as an ambassador for the U.S. and need something to keep him insane”. The person presumably close to Clinton added, “Meditation offers him that he has a mantra that he likes to chant and after every session he feels transformed and full of positive energy”.

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The source concluded that, “It’s definitely doing him the world of good, he feels fitter and stronger than ever”.

As confirmed by the Times of India, Clinton in his spiritual studies has even hired a Buddhist monk.

In the mid-2000, Clinton had a health scare due to his poor diet and weight. And he sought to improve himself both spiritually and physically; thus, he survived. If you have assignments regarding the life of Clinton or other known people, there is an essay writing service online that would make your life better. Top quality outputs will surely be given to you with their best writers.

If this report has a confirmation from Clinton himself, if he accept it or not, this can be a great development knowing that meditation and chanting can help a person to recover from all illnesses cause by the disturbance in the mind.


Buddhist Goddess of Beauty

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Every religion has its unique and distinct belief. Some has different gods that they serve. Christianity has a reputation of being a monotheist, they only serve one God. On the other hand, religions like Hinduism and Buddhism worship and honor different gods and goddesses. These religions have specific god or goddesses for every activity or aspect of life. They have a god for good harvest, god of the sea, god or goddess of fertility and goddess of beauty.

Our image of beauty normally has fair and flawless skin with beautiful face. Anyone could have a skin of a goddess only if they eliminate acne scarring which is an awful thing to see in the skin. Kichijoten is a Buddhist goddess of beauty, prosperity, fertility and merit. She is the one that a Buddhist would call in times wherein they need fertility, prosperity and merit aside from beauty. Other Buddhist goddesses of beauty include Mahasri the goddess of beauty and fortune with Sri in the later mythology. She is also being regarded as the wife or Narayan or Visnu.

These are just few of Buddhist goddesses, if you want to find out more of them you will be able to discover that Buddhism is an adulterer if we based it on Christian teaching because they worship and give honor to more than just one god. They have assigned a god for almost everything which is a great sin for Christians. However, these two religions are different which means that they could have whatever they think is right and is helpful for every follower of their faith. No matter what the differences are, it is not important as long as everyone is united in pursuing a safe and secure environment to live in.

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Enlightened Thoughts


Jobs for Disabled People

Job is one of the most important things a person should have after graduating from school. It is very practical to have one because we need money in our everyday lives. We cannot buy a house for our own family if we don’t have money. We cannot eat three times a day and we cannot buy our daily needs. Although nowadays job opportunities are abundant, companies imposed qualifications that can be a hindrance to other people. Many jobs require strength. Then, how can a disabled person do it?

Job is very hard to find especially when you have disability. Disability is an injury which can be physical, emotional, developmental, sensory, cognitive or mental. It can be inherited or acquired through an accident. Some disabilities can stay in a person’s whole life. Some disabilities can also happen when a pregnant mother engage to things that is not good during pregnancy like drinking alcoholic drinks, drinking unapproved medicines, and smoking. Alcoholic drinks contain bad ingredients that can affect a baby’s development. Medicines also contain ingredients that can cause side effects to the baby in the womb of the mother. Cigarettes are also not good to pregnant people because of its negative effects. Read an additional info about E cigaret that supposed to eliminate bad effects of smoking.

Here are some types of disabilities:

  • Physical disability- physical injury focusing in the physical areas only like bones and motor skills
  • Sensory disability- this includes the sensory organs like eyes and ears
  • Balance disability- gives a person hard time in balancing while walking
  • Intellectual disability- examples are mental retardation
  • Mental disorder- mental disorder or mental illness that affects a person’s brain or mental abilities

Although people have a disability they can still have a job. If you are disabled physically then you can still use your knowledge in your job so you can work in offices. You don’t have to be perfect to do a work. If you are not good in one thing then focus on other things which you can do. They can also work in their homes like having an online job so that it won’t be hard for them to commute or transport.


Eurovision 2013 Results

Soon we’ll know Eurovision 2013 results. The way the results are counted?

A qualification round, referred to as the semi – final, was introduced for the Eurovision 2004 Competition.

The ten most highly-placed non-Big Four nations in the grand final were assured a spot in the following year’s grand final, with no need to participate in next year’s semi. The remaining nations – which had not immediately qualified for the grand final – had to enter the semi.

In the 50th annual meeting of the EBU in September 2007, it was determined that from the 2008 Contest onwards there will be held two semi-finals. From 2008 onwards, the scoreboard position of any previous years has not been pertinent, and – save for the automatic qualifiers – all participating countries have had to take part in the semi-finals, regardless of their previous year’s scoreboard position. The only nations which automatically be eligible for the final are the Huge Five, and the host state : France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Uk, who continue to enjoy their protected position.

The voting systems found in the Eurovision Song Contest have changed through the years. The current method has been in position since 1975, and it is a positional voting method. States grant some factors from 1 to 8, then 10 and ultimately 12 to other songs in the contest – with the favorite tune being gave 12 factors.

Who will win Eurovision 2013? Find out at


The Benefits of Journalism Online

The advent of technology makes it possible for journalism to be accessed through the web. Journalism online provides news, features and opinions right on the dot when it happens as it happens. Unlike periodicals and broadsheets or any other printed materials, this type of journalism literally symbolizes fresh news and events.

Journalism has a vast scope ranging from providing helpful resources on how to find a good domain, up to current events fresh off the press. Online journalism is seen as less biased compared to the traditional journalism. On the other hand, the most significant part there is in this form of journalism is the real time sharing of information and its sense of immediacy.

Publishers in this medium have the freedom and opportunity to facilitate news as it happens. More so, it provides them easy access 24/7. On the editor side, they can easily update and edit their works. Because there is always a file backup ready, the risk of data loss is less likely, compared to the traditional journalism that has the tendency to be ruined by weather conditions or materials being lost due to shipment issues.

Meanwhile, the main disadvantage of online journalism is that it alienates people who do not have access on the web. Additionally, it provides less appeal to the older generation as they more prefer reading news through printed materials.


Journalism Writing Rules

Keep it simple and short. Your readers do not have all the time to read a very long article. No flowering words. Go directly to the point. You describe a particular crime with clear words. Words that give life to the story that you are trying to convey. Utilize words that are mass-oriented and can be understood easily by the bulk of readers.

If you are on journalism, of course, you do not have to state your personal stand regarding the issue. Your main tasks are delivering the issue and have it exposed so that everyone will be informed about the matter. Since you’re main task is to make known an issue, you need to make it comprehensive and make it sure that your readers understand the article the way you want them to understand your work.

Say you are trying to put on news the usage of stevia as a sweetener, you simply describe it but you need not necessarily narrate how the taste for you was. News writing is full of facts since the readers are concerned about facts.

Aside from being straight to the paint, you may just keep it short so a lazy reader will have an idea or an overview by just reading the lead statement.


The Buddhist Connection

Buddhism is one of the biggest religions in the world today. Buddhists have made a reputation of being disciplined in terms of devotion, dedication and focus. These people have understood the importance of putting others before self. It is part of their lifestyle and commitment to not turn their backs away from others who are in need. Buddha has been a great example for them. Buddhists these days have suffered inevitable trials and persecution, especially those living in underdeveloped countries. But even then, they are still committed to continue what they have started.

Because of a vast number of Buddhists worldwide, connection is very important. Buddhist connection plays a vital role in connecting various Buddhist organizations all over the world. Connection is very important not just in religion but also for everything else, whether business or personal life. Speaking of connections, visit this site to find out how to have more followers. Every organization has its own mission and objective but they have the common goal and that is to expand their territory just like any other religion in the world. Because they are sold-out to their belief, they make it one of their missions to reach out to the people all over the world with their message.


Pilgrimage and Security: Can These Be Certain In India?

In any religion or mysticism, pilgrimage is a journey with the purpose of seeking moral significance. In search for this significance in one’s life, a pilgrim – a term used for person taking this journey – goes to places he believes sacred and have something to do with his values and faith.

We all know Buddhists as very submissive people. They are devoted to the teachings of Buddha and make it a point to visit the places they believe are holy.

There are four most important sites of pilgrimage as offered by Buddhism. As believers and followers of Buddha’s teachings, Buddhists pay homage to these places:

  • Kapilavastu – the birthplace of Buddha
  • Bodh Gaya – the place where Buddha attained Enlightenment
  • Benaras – where Buddha did the first preaching
  • Kusinagara – Buddha’s Parinirvana was achieved in this site
Karmapa in Bodh Gaya

H.H. 17th Karmapa leads Kaguy Monlam in Bodhgaya

Aside from these important places, there are still sites where pilgrims can appreciate and relate with Buddhism. Monasteries at the Himalayan foothills, which we know are the perfect place for solitude and contemplation, can also be interesting for visitors. In addition, the Himalayan foothills hold a lot of training and formation centers for those who want to have inner peace. Thus, home security for its tenants is important.


Genetic Medicine: Using Genes to Treat Diseases

Genetic medicine is a new technology such as gene therapy. The aim for the study is of possibly using genes to be the medicine in curing diseases that are damaging human body. This is an effort by the group of medical researchers in trying to shift away from diagnostics and towards developing a new generation of therapeutics based on genes. The researchers create new classes of medicines based on reasonable approach to the use of information on gene sequence and protein function structure. This method of treating diseases is a way of avoiding side effects that many of today’s medicines have.

It is the most exciting application of DNA science, the potential of using genes to treat disease. Genetics medicine or using gene for treating or even curing genetics and acquired diseases using normal genes to replace defective gene, such as adding gene that suppresses tumor or growth.

However, researchers are also discovering that getting gene into a patient’s cells does not always mean to become successful. It is like auto insurance rates in which you cannot guarantee that if there are higher rates, the better service and coverage are offered. The genetics medicine is similar with autos that once treated with genes or acquire insurance for vehicles; you expect fast recovery and 100% sure treatment. However at present, further study and research is going on for the accident happen of the patient applied with genes in her inflammatory arthritis that lost her life.

The tragedy happen during the gene therapy clinical trial of an 18 year old Jesse Gelsinger death caused a reexamination of the safety of the studies that used an inserted gene to promote the growth of the blood vessels in heart disease patients.

Another possible study conducted about genetic medicine looking at the field of xenotransplantation, a fancy word for using animal tissues and organs in human patients.

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Buddhist Journal: Wellness Comes from Within

Buddhism as we all know believes that wellness comes from the harmony of the mind and body. And disharmony of which will cause infirmity of a person. This is what is written on Buddhist journal health and wellness. They approach to health in focusing on the spiritual character of the mind to defeat ailments and diseases.

In contrary to what the science approach in treatment, the Buddhist believes on the inner healing power of humans. And a drastic change in a lifestyle of a person and healthy attitudes as the real meaning of life is the key to complete wellness. For them, healing should be first done on the mind. It’s all about mind power before treating the body. Since for them, illness originates from the imbalance of the spirit and the mind which causes disharmony of one’s physique that could eventually lead to a disease felt. This is what they call optimal healthy to achieve longevity and can only be done when the mind and body function and coordinate well with each other as one. This is what the Buddhist believes, but they don’t forsake the ability of medical science in treating ailments. There are some sorts of diseases and symptoms that really need doctor’s intervention and aid. If you have any medical question, you can freely consult your physician about it. You can go to their clinic or why not search for them online. Either ways, your questions will be answered.


What is Genetics

Genetics is defined as the study of heredity which means it is a study on how a parent passes genes to its offspring. Every man and woman on this earth has gone through this process and would have inherited genes from both parents. This will determine some of their traits, it could either be physical like hair, eye color and skin color or a gene that carries a disease or disorder being passed down for generations. To sound less scientific, each cell in the body could be comparable to a book. Its contents will come from both the mother and the father.

Better Health to Help Future Generations

There hasn’t been a concrete and absolute factual research to be concluded yet; however, many recent studies have shown that being in good health is a good way to possibly aid in countering some genetic flaws and to not have it passed on to your offspring. To help with better health, there are already sites like Generic4all that gives quality products for a much lower price compared to their non generic counterparts. To think about it, we only will build a family a couple of times in our lifetime and for some, just once in their lifetime so making sure you are healthy before doing so should be a priority.

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Love for Buddhist is Essential

Love for Buddhism is like a blood that nourishes the heart that keeps on flowing as well as it nourishes spiritual freedom. The Path of freedom for Buddhism is the path of love.

The love for Buddhism includes those forms of love that are characterized by freedom. This love involves lust, confusion, neediness, fear, or grasping to self-worth. It is an expression of bondage and limitation.

In classic Buddhist teachings, four kinds of love are taught and encourage. These are loving-kindness, compassion, appreciative joy, and a form of equanimity. The teachings of four forms of love exist in India before Buddha. It is common to Indian spiritual world. Buddhism cannot exist without love, but love can exist even without Buddhism. You don’t need to be Buddhist to have these four forms of love. You can have these 4 loves even you’re not a Buddhist.

Love in Buddhism is essential for their practice. It’s like parts of your car. When having a car without a windshield, it affects the driver and passenger while running because it is open and at rainy days, all inside will surely got wet. For additional info about the windshield, you can visit their site.

Love for Buddhism mustn’t be a matter of falling in love nor accepted because it appears many times nor seldom only. Love for them can be strengthened if it is always being practice.

A develop love can radiate glowing from us. The real love is not love in optimal conditions. Buddhist during meditation experienced great love, but after meditation it slowly disappears. It is a great challenge for the Buddhist to love and live for it. It should be a daily expression of love.

In Buddhism, it is most rewarding if love is brought to all aspects in life. Buddha said, “With dripping drops of water, the water jug is filled”; thus, each drop of practice of love is significant.


A Background Of Zen Buddhism

Zen is particularly a school of one of division of Buddhism, the Mahayana Buddhism. Zen puts more emphasis on the attainment of enlightenment and the personal declaration of honest insight about the Buddhist discipline. Zen Buddhism’s teachings include different sources from the Mahayana thought, particularly the Tathagatagarbha Sutras, Huayan and Yogacara.

Zen is possibly the most famous school of Buddhism in the U.S. Its idea has been dominant on western society since the late half of the twentieth century. The word “Zen” from Japan and “Ch’an” from China both being derived from the Sanskrit word Dhyana which means meditation. Zen Buddhism’s main focus is on achieving enlightenment through serious meditation as what their founder Siddharta Gautama did.

The story of how the Zen Buddhist behaves is a very interesting one. If you have a chance to explore one of their teachings, you would surely be amazed of what you can learn. Just like discovering the effectiveness of body wraps and how it works by having a fantastic read online. Zen Buddhist has interesting stories to tell that makes you think that there is really power in meditation.  Their teaching suggests that everyone have the Buddha-nature which means everyone has the potential to attain enlightenment. This potential to be enlightened was covered by ignorance. To remove this ignorance, Zen rejects the practice of religious rites, study of scripture, devotional practices and focus only in good works in account of meditation that leads to accelerated breakthrough of discernment and to become aware of the conclusive authority.

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The Best Journalism Tips

Having a great story is nothing if you cannot write an article that can capture the interest of your readers. These easy tips can surely make your way to be a great writer.

Make an Interesting Lead

This is the best way to get the attention of your readers. If you can manage to pull up a great lead, then you can be sure that your readers will want to finish the article, and of course love your story.

Keep it Short

If you have heard an editor says write tight then they are simply telling you to keep your story short, direct, and pleasing to the readers. Just make sure to include the important information and keep your focus on the essential details. Use the S-V-O technique. This is makes your article very pleasing that even if they are processing their ppi claim, they can still take time to read your story.

Inverted Pyramid Structure

This structure is very effective to convey your story. The most significant details should be at the beginning or at the top of your news. As you move further on your story to the bottom part, the details presented become less important and light.

Practice Makes Perfect

With that being said, you can only be a great writer or journalist after years and years of practice and experience, so again, practice.


Find Enlightenment by Visiting Buddhist Temples

I really can attest to how free human beings are in this planet. In almost every country, it doesn’t matter who you believe in. In short, your religion isn’t an issue. But what’s even great is the fact that every religion is so colorful that you would love to know more. Some people would even visit churches, temples, or whatever they call their sacred places.

Buddhism is probably one of the most colorful religions known today. I myself believe that you could learn so much simply by visiting any Buddhist temple existing today. Trust me. But if you don’t have the resources, you can always look for sites offering YouTube to mp3 converter so you can listen to people describing how beautiful and refreshing these temples are. But for me, to see is to believe. Here are some of the Buddhist temples I have visited that are worth all the expenses.

Haeinsa Temple- This temple is one of my favorite. You would love it even more considering that it is located in South Korea. There is a legend to how and why this temple is built. But of course, I won’t be telling you that not until you have visited the place yourself.

Pha That Luang- If you go to this temple, you would really realize that material things are the least important of all. When I went to Laos to check out this temple, I personally saw terraces each symbolizing the different levels of enlightenment. This temple surely makes you realize that there is still room for change and improvement.

There are still other Buddhist temples I have visited, but these two are on top of my list. Visit it personally to prove that what I am telling you are all true, and find out more about the true meaning of Buddhism.

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Buddhist Art

Are you familiar with Buddhism? If not, does this word creates a curiosity within you that make you search for all information you can have just to know what this word means? Surely this article can make you read more about Buddhism. In this article, we will be talking about Buddhist art. But before that, let me just give you a little background about Buddhism. Buddhism is a religion that begins in India. Its main doctrine is centered on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama’s Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path.

Buddhist art started in India. Buddhist art and Buddhist practice always goes together with the Himalayas since Buddhism’s arrival to the region. The thirty-five Confession Buddhas is a usual subject in Himalayan Buddhist paintings and sculpture. In the very first Buddhist art of India, the Buddha was not depicted in a human form. His existence was indicated by a sign such as an empty seat, empty space below the umbrella or a pair of footprints. Buddhism is not just recognized in India, it is also widely accepted in many nations such as Indonesia. If you happen to visit this place, try to stay at hotel di bandung of Indonesia. Indonesia is also very rich in terms of Buddhist art.


Understanding Buddhist Philosophy on Health

Our society is composed of various beliefs, cultures, and religions. Perhaps like any other religion, Buddhism is associated with happiness and takes much concern on health. For Buddhist, an individual can obtain “Nirvana” or the peak of enlightenment by ways of consistent meditation and in taking part of Buddha’s service daily. Buddhists believe that it all comes in the mind. If our mind is well nourish, everything will set accordingly and balance in health can be achieved.

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Meditation practice has become a spiritual tool and health booster not only for the Buddhist alone but also for other people. It’s beyond chanting and meditative posture, it’s about the right breathing and concentration. It’s one good way to escape from life’s stressors and refresh your mind. Since with Meditation, you will conquer inner peace, fulfillment of yourself, and self-improvement. And when you come back again to the reality, you will have a good perspective of what’s coming and will able to deal with it positively.

So what’s with all the fuss if a healthy mind and body can be just a grasp away? With Buddhist influence on health and phen375 aid, obtaining wellness has made easier and possible.


Buddhism Spread through the Written Teachings of Buddha

The time of Gautama, writing was uncommon to India. His life and teaching were passed orally until they were written in the first Century BCE.

Buddhism was first used in the Oxford Dictionary of 1801 spelled “Boudhism”. The spelling changed in 1816 into Buddhism.

The Three Jewels, Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha as well as the concepts of karma, rebirth and the practice of yoga existed before Gautama lived but later become associated with Buddhism.

Buddhism remains an oral tradition for over 200 years. After the death of Buddha, five hundred monks met at the first council at Rajagrha where Ananda, Buddha’s cousin recited the Sutras. The monks debated on final version until it was translated into many Indian languages.

In the next few centuries, the united Buddhism began to fragment. The split occurred after the second council held at Vaishaliu 100 years after.

The evolution of Buddhism has passed several tests whether the teaching of Buddha should still be followed. It was because there was an incorporation of some teachings before Buddha lived. The Buddhism today is all compilation of all tradition and teaching of Buddha. Same thing happens with pandoras box vin dicarlo. It is impossible now to meet Vin for his pandoras box. But it is now compiled by some interested party to revive how Vin was successful in enticing women out of his Pandora Box. Check this out to know more about it. Otherwise the women will not be in your spell.

Buddhism still recognized today and even spread throughout the world through the teachings of Buddha written in different languages. Scholars and writers were behind the written documents of the teaching of Buddha. In fact, today Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world.


Buddhists Focus on their Belief

Buddhism originated in northern India in the in the fifth century B.C.E. as what most historians agreed. The belief points its origin to Siddhartha Gautama who is the one being referred to as the Buddha which literally means Enlightened One or Awakened. The Buddha’s teachings are summarized in his Four Noble Truths, which is the basis of his first sermon after attaining the enlightenment, and the Eightfold Path, which provides a standard on how to live in the world. There are presently three major divisions of the tradition —the Mahayana (“Great Vehicle), the Theravada (“Doctrine of the Elders”), and the Vajrayana (“Diamond Vehicle,” simply called “Tibetan Buddhism”).

As part of their rituals, Buddhists needs focus in order for them to have a successful meditation. These people don’t need any focus enhancing medicines such as Noopept in order for them to have a better meditation.

The text for the word of Buddha is called Buddhavacana. The criteria for certifying what should be considered as a Buddhavacana were already developed at an early stage of the religion. The early formulations of buddhacavana do not suggest that the Dharma is only limited to what was spoken by the actual Buddha. Buddhism only considered the different beings such as the disciples of Buddha, Rishis, Buddhas and devas as capable of transmitting buddhavacanas. As part of their rituals, Buddhists needs focus in order for them to have a successful meditation. They’re just being sold-out to what they believe. We all have different beliefs and in every principle, you must have strong faith in it.


Buddhism’s Principle on the Authenticity of Psychic Powers

Psychics are people said to have the ability to see or feel anything that any normal person can’t sense. These people are usually associated to fortune- telling, card reading and to some extent, claimed to have a vision of what will happen in the future.

Actually things like these have long been practiced in Buddhism. As we all know that their meditation and being spiritually advanced can really manifest psychic powers. But unlike other psychics’ activity, Buddhism only practice what is mentioned in their sacred writings; as telepathy, psychokinesis or using mind power to move objects, suspending in the air through levitation and the ability to leave the physical body. As been said, these gifts are being acquired by few good men of their beliefs.

Although this gift comes so natural with some people, journalism of Buddhism is very particular when it comes to the matter of psychic power precautions; as people with bad intention might surely use it for vengeance. The idea of psychic power is also inviting to some fake psychic to claim that they really have extrasensory ability. Buddhism disciples like monks and nuns are really very careful with the ability they got. The teaching of Buddha when it comes to this matter is very clear that anyone having this ability must humble himself and not to make it known in public, unless being permitted by the congregation they belong.

To know how to find an honest psychic, better know the psychic powers that have been mention in the Buddhist sacred writing. A real psychic possesses virtue, honesty and mental reservation. Psychics having these aspects can be far better than people who have the ability to levitate or read people’s minds. So when it comes to authenticity of psychic powers, the rules stated in scriptures can explain it well.


Journalism Based on Buddhist Principles

Several writers and bloggers especially in Asia argued the issues regarding de-westernizing the social science philosophies and principles. In relation to this matter, these just challenge the leading model of journalism which is the western group as well as its transformations through embracing a normative pattern like with the Buddhist philosophies. This way, the borders of developing countries to the highly developed should establish its applicability.

Well, Buddhism as a whole has a total applicability in the sense that most of their principles lie on moral laws and not on divine orders. For instance, to help others during their emergency cases, credit loans are there to be of great assistance. Even if you have bad credit records, you can still make a loan. There are numerous top rated bad credit loans online.

One journalist states that a journalism that is based on the standards of Buddhist morality would result to a journalism of healing as the aim of Buddhism is to attain free of suffering and misery. Second is that journalism is timely, honest and useful according to the Noble Eightfold Path.


Practicing the Right Speech to Follow the Right Path

Many people nowadays speak harsh and destructive words from their mouths. Such words can destroy one’s life; therefore, it is very important to be careful on what to say. Even in the news and journals these days, inappropriate words and statements are being said and published to all people. This could highly affect the public as words can easily be learned especially for kids when frequently heard. This is the reason why there must be an observance with Buddhism journalism. Buddhism journals do not focus on disseminating news alone, rather it follows Buddhist principles.

The Buddhists’ journals must be a form of healing as they believe that no one deserves to suffer. Also, it must follow the Noble Eightfold Path which is a journal of a truthful, timely, and helpful speech. Buddhists really observe the right actions to do and the right words to say. Instead of letting other people suffer, they try to make everything lighter to those who are in need.

Speaking about journals, there are many of such to be found on the web. There are even journals about nice places to visit for a holiday vacation. Barbados is a very great place to visit, so why not try reading news and journals about it online?